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Mr. Hu Jie, Chairman of AOTOM Group, was elected as Director of China Green Carbon Foundation

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Zhang Yongli,member of the Party Group and deputy director of the State ForestryAdministration, presented the letter of appointment to Mr. Hu Jie, Chairman ofAOTOM Group   PhotoAOTOM


On November 4, 2016, the first meetingof the second session of the Council for China Green Carbon Foundation wereheld in Beijing. Mr. Hu Jie, Chairman of AOTOM Group, attended the meeting andwas elected.

SourceChina Green Carbon Foundation

The member ofthe State Forestry Administration and deputy director Zhang Yongli attended the meeting and made an important speech. Liu Yuhe, chairman of the China Green Carbon Foundation, and Du Yongsheng, the deputy commander of the National Forest Fire Command, presided over the meeting. The meeting organized the election of all the candidates elected by the 15 members of the Foundation ofthe new Council, AOTOM Group Chairman Mr. Hu Jie is one of them.

Foundation ofthe Deputy Director and Secretary General Li Nuoyun made the Foundation's mainwork report and the overall financial report. Participants agreed that Liu Yuhe as the chairman of the first Council, bearing in mind the purpose of the Foundation to promote forestry to address climate change and China Green Carbon Foundation public welfare development as the responsibility, around the countryto address climate change strategic objectives, The overall situation, andcreatively carried out a series of important work, won the praise of allcircles at home and abroad and praise, the successful completion of the foundation of the initial construction tasks for the development of China Green Carbon Foundation made outstanding contributions.

Mr. Hu Jie (left) and Mr. Liu Yuhe(middle), director of Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum Mr. JiJinghang (right)  Photo

The newlyelected chairman Du Yongsheng pointed out that the second session of the Foundation Council will continue to uphold the purpose of the Foundation, topromote the development of Green Carbon public welfare mission, to maintain China Green Carbon Foundation a good social reputation, continue to enhance China's green carbon The social impact of the Foundation, a solid push forwardthe green carbon  public welfare undertakings sustained and healthy development.


The new directors and supervisors ZhangYongli issued the letters of appointment, and made important speeches. Hepointed out that the establishment of the Carbonaceous Foundation for sixyears, under the correct leadership and strong support of the State Forestry Administration, and the direct leadership of the chairmanof the Board of Directors, the enthusiastic support of the directors and supervisors and the bureaus of the State Forestry Administration Under theactive cooperation of the unit, we have made great progress and breakthrough infund raising, scientific management, brand innovation, forestry carbon trading, public propaganda and international exchange through the joint efforts of the Secretariat of the Secretary-General, Has made unique contributions to showcasethe special functions and status of China's forestry response to climate changeand has had a wide impact in addressing climate change at home and abroad, thuslaying a solid foundation for the future development of carbon sinks.


AOTOM always uphold the integrity of ShouTak's business philosophy, the Group set up fifteen years, always adhere to thecommunity, contribute to the community. The future, AOTOM will focus onprofessional spirit, the courage to sacrifice the responsibility to play forthe community to create more useful value!

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