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One of the strategic key points that make’s “AOTOM” standout from other LED manufacturer is that we have a whole department dedicated to check each single item that comes of the production line.

AOTOM has a very strict 5 step “QUALITY CONTROL” procedure in place to assure our customer get an impeccable product each time.

 AOTOM is planning to be the biggest Panel manufacturer in Asia by 2020 therefore our reputation on quality is paramount and a “MUST” all our products respect and exceed the international standards regulations such as ISO14001:2004 & ISO9001:2008 quality and environmental management systems.

AOTOM owns over 100 registered patents and share are willing to share our technology and knowledge,  offering OEM & ODM solutions not only  we  are supplying  many world-class brands  , we can also offer a full range of customized options for our customer whatever their needs and requirements are independently it’s shape, size, colours, dimension or  performance.

Our R&D department invest each year heavily in the latest cutting edge technology and machinery to deliver not only a superior product lasting longer as our clients expectation but also making the product affordable and competitive without cutting on quality or using inferior materials and second choice components.

Material Inspection  &  Quality Assurance  (1st Step)
Quality Assurance (QA), Testing of raw materials is the first line to ensure our product fulfils our customers’ expectations and get always the same quality.

Even some material looks the same at the first glance our quality control team makes several tests according to the different materials and components’ from sophisticated laboratory test up to (UT) Ultrasonic Testing to have the certitude and assurance.

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